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Welcome to Tree City!!

Home of witches and magical creatures.

What would you like to do... Go hiking with a curious grub? Get a cup of the best lemonade made with authentic magic lemons? Or maybe you are getting your custom ready for the Witch Party?

Whatever you choose, remember:

It's always a fun time! 


This personal project was inspired by the well known illustration challenge held every october: Inktober. Instead of creating one illustration for each prompt, I wanted to create a single illustration that could have all the prompts I could fit in. 

The idea behind this project was to create 9 single illustrations that could work on its own, but when combined they would create a more interesting story and had connexions between them.

The main theme is October and everything that relates to this cozy month: orange colours, cozy sunsets and, of course, Halloween. 

The prompts I used were: bee, grub, witch, moon, tarot, sweets, dream, blue, pumpkin, gear, citrus, pencil, fall, garden, ship, nest, raven, sidekick, snooze, candle, flower, slingshot, ghost, message, ladybug, mask, spooky.

An abandoned boat that was reclyced to be an exotic garden and the home of a couple of ravens, a little snooze after working all day or maybe enjoy the last hours of sun playing along a ghost. The possibilities of having fun are infinite.

Playing with magic and having a fun costume party is just two more ways to have fun in Tree City!  Are you dressing as a huge mushroom? Or maybe you prefer pirates? You choose!

As we get to the top of the tree, we arrive at the haunted house of a solitary witch that doesn't seem to like to fool around. Although just might be a little shy and wants to have fun afterall... who know... But what we know for sure is that nightime is her favorite time... for sure!!

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